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Personal Executive Coaching Hampshire UK and online.

Welcome to our personal executive coaching in Hampshire. 

We see many talented individuals who are either coming to see us at  key transitional phases in their life or are struggling with the dynamics that are  at play in the corporate work place. Sometimes navigating the highly influential areas of performance and relationships in the workplace can be challenging.

In your  initial consultation we explore and discuss the outcomes you wish to achieve.  We set out a plan and work out the the current problems that we need to overcome. The focus is on the learning of 'who, what and how' to get the results. Interventions can be aplied from many areas, psychology, biology, neurscience, physiology and nutrition.

An example of what can be included in your personal executive coaching at our Hampshire clinic is:

Navigating the two currencies that exist in the workplace - Performance and relationships.

Workplace dynamics and the unwritten rules of workplace culture.

The psychological contracts that are uniquely and sometimes unconsciously formed within the corporate setting. Mike will discuss with you how to work these out, negotiate effectively, assertively to increase and improve decision making and importantly your potential of success. 

Naturally we have the ‘traditional’ elements: 

Your attitude 

Your energy

Your discipline 

Procrastination to motivation


Resiliency - what it is, whats involved, then how to create it and maintain it.


Presentations and public speaking

Self imposed limitations - your beliefs and the narrative you tell yourself, it might just need updating.

The timing of fear - remember fear is real, it is just the timing sometimes and when you dont really need it.

Ambition and perseverance.

 An end note from Mike :

Be ambitious, create your power from within, tread on no-one , share your knowledge, lead forward, include others and above all do what you do with respect, humility, integrity and dignity.

(Mike Ward Owner London and Hampshire anxiety clinics Limited)

Personal executive coaching in Hampshire UK and Online.




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