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What happens when I arrive at The Hampshire Anxiety clinic in Chandlers Ford?

It is important for all our clientèle to know that we pride ourselves on offering a confidential and discreet service that protects your privacy and anonymity. Upon arrival at your appointment time, you will be greeted personally and taken to our consulting room.

Can you tell me about VIP arrangements?

Of course, a discreet service that protects your privacy and anonymity is of upmost importance for our clients and we can assure you of our service. To provide this we ensure there are discreet side entrances for exit and entry. We can ensure that you have no contact with the reception staff or waiting in any public area within the clinic. Upon arrival at your appointment time, you will be greeted personally and taken to our consulting room. All notes are kept securely with the consultant, no other persons have access and your name is not identifiable on any notes we keep. Card payments can be processed through an anonymous payment system to protect your identity.

Do you provide home visits?

We do provide home visits and also to your office or agreed location. Naturally there are additional charges for travel and any associated costs. We ensure that all fees are agreed with you in advance upon our initial consultation.

How long do the sessions last?

Depending on the issues we are working with and the approach we are using, sessions can last up to an hour and a half in total. There is only one fixed fee and this includes your therapy session, any psycho-educational materials we provide and hypnotherapy recordings.

How quickly will my anxiety improve?

That is a very good question and I am asked this quite often. What is important is how motivated you are to succeed in the changes you want and your openness to engage with the intervention and resources that we provide. That said though, it is very different for each client, for some it has only taken 1 session, others 8 and more sessions. It is dependent on many factors, and how engrained the contributing types of thinking are. Please have a look at our resources page, this discusses the different types of thinking errors that can create problems and another fact sheet provides information on the power of attention.


How do you get rid of anxiety? How do you overcome anxiety?

How do you get rid of anxiety? Or how do you overcome anxiety? Well these are really useful questions to ask and  questions I am asked frequently. Well anxiety is not something that you can get rid of, like you can with the common cold for example. But good news, all is not lost !  What happens over a course of  therapy for your anxiety, or through using our top tips for anxiety as a self help tool. You can begin to develop your awareness and understanding about what the triggers are, have new 'tools' where you can begin to develop a different perception. With future events, you can approach them differently and provide for yourself a more flexible and proactive approach. You will be able to think differently about what is happening, not just outside of you, but also on the inside, having greater self control and emotional management, making different decisions compared to what you may have done previously. Overall your approach will be positively different, managing yourself in a way that feels new and effective.  




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