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Health & exercise for mental health

It is only language that separates the mind and body, what we all have is a wonderful system, and by looking after our mental health, this impacts physical health and looking after physical health improves mental health.

When we get our blood pumping from exercise, it is this that helps the brain function to be at its best. Exercise can build and condition the brain, alongside developing the bodies muscles and conditioning the heart and lungs for increases in circulation and efficiency.

So what is all this about?

Mike Ward is a qualifed personal trainer in Chandlers Ford Hampshire, and has enjoyed his fitness from a young age, when he was in the Army reserves, he was always asked to wear the yellow vest and set the running pace for training and his troop.  He continues today with maintaining his fitness and enjoys training for his running 'expeditiions'.

Mike firmly believes that physical health certainly contributes to increases in mental health, testing ourselves physically contributes to increasing our psychological tolerance and resillience. Mike is currently specialising and actively researching the various elements that contributes towards physical and mental endurance. 

 At the Hampshire anxiety clinic, not only do you have available, modern and effective treatments for anxiety. You now have the the opportunity to find out about how improving your physical health, can improve not only your physical health goals, but the improvements for your mental health. Personal training in Chandlers Ford is available seperately or alongside mental health treatments.

Importantly, when working with mental health, particpating in specific exercises can increase your ability in being more successful with the psychological techniques. Both compliment each other. To find out more, please contact Mike on the contacts page on this website.

'Autumn and Winter mixers'

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