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Help for Dental Anxiety in Chandlers Ford Hampshire

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As we know oral health is another important area, and our teeth play an important role, from helping us to chew and digest food, to giving our face shape and confidence when smiling to connect with others.

There are a large number of dentist clinics in Chandlers Ford and many clients come to see me for help with anxiety and their fear of the dentist. Quite often they have cancelled their appointment and are disappointed that they have not attended for the dentistry work they really wanted to complete. Everyones meaning and interpretation of the fear of the dentist is different.


The charity National Smile month  share that 1 in 7 adults fear the dentist and that dental fear is ranked more fearful than the fear of heights. Common fears of the dentist are tooth drilling and anasthetic injection. It could be the sight of the dentist, or the smells and sounds that  trigger unpleasant memories and associations. Just the thought of a needle could be enough, even before the client has attended their appointment.

We provide effective and lasting anxiety treatments for anxiety, so clients can learn to respond differently and sucessfully overcome their dentistry fears. Every clients anxiety is a unique experience to them and is treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality.

We have a range of effective treatments that target the relevant areas that are causing unnecessary distress and anxiety, below I have provided a little more detail and on the treatments page you can read the full list of therapies that are provided.

For example our treatments include:

  • Mindfullness, relaxation and imagination techniques
  • Cognitive restructuring - thought based skills to challenge exisiting habits and assumptions that could be responsible for maintaining the anxiety. This includes developing alternative beliefs and behaviours that are more sucessfull.
  • The teaching of self hypnosis
  • Behavioural techniques, in some cases dependant on the depth and complexity of the fear, this includes a systematic desensitisation, or gradual exposure to the fear stimulus. This is agreed  by consent with the client prior to any treatment and is only done so in a controlled, safe and structured approach. There are times when the therapist attends with the client to help maintain and support the client early on in this process. More often than not the client will have a very clear plan and will be empowered to complete this themself with feedback to the therapist at the next appointment.
  • Further specific interventions are provided to reduce the emotional significance of particular fears, thus the client increasing their self control, self belief and the motivation to remain calm and relaxed.

For help with anxiety contact the Hampshire Anxiety Clinic in Chandlers Ford

For further detail on our treatment plans, we do provide a complementary 30 minute telephone consultation, here you can speak to Mike Ward a leading anxiety specialist and the founder of the London Anxiety Clinic and Hampshire Anxiety Clinic.



World class dentistry is not just available in Harley Street or Chandlers Ford, and I would like to introduce  DR. Ashish B Parmar who is the dentist and founder of 'Smile Design' by Ash in Chigwell, Essex. Ash and his team provide excellence in all aspects of dentistry and implants. Thoroughly recommended Ash has also featured in National papers and television programmes including,  The Times, Extreme Makeover, The Mail and This Morning.

The warmth, empathy and professionalism Ash and his team provide helps to create a relaxed feeling with a service that is unhurried in a state of the art dental practice. Along with all the treatments under one roof, a revolutionary system called Nucalm is available that also helps clients to relax. Ash is one of the few pioneering dentists to offer this. To contact Ash and his team please visit Smile Design by Ash.






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